Asparagus too

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Fri Oct 24 07:45:41 EST 1997

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   qdurham at (QDurham) writes:
>>>"asparagus pee" is a genetic tendency-if you experience this
>>>phenomenon, it's because you don't carry the gene necessary to break
>>>down one of the components of asparagus. Maybe some of the confusion
>>>over the definition of "coffee pee" has to do  with the fact that those
>>>who are not genetically predisposed have no clue what is being
>>>discussed.  I too, look forward to the emergence  of an expert....
>>I didn't know about the genetic aspect.  I have experienced the asparagus,
>>but not coffee, effect. 
>>Dave Starrett
>A good friend, after being forced-fed asparagus as a child, suggests one often
> gets what one deserves.
Hmm, what about a "beer pee" expert?


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