Rare or Endangered Plants In Kentucky

Sat Oct 25 11:28:16 EST 1997

>>> "Judy Mullins" <cabin at comtechusa.net> 10/24 9:36 PM >>>

Hello, I am very interested in plants that grow in my area of North Central
Kentucky. Could someone
please tell me if there are any plants in my area on the endangered list.
Last year I found a plant called
the green dragon in my woods. I had never seen it before, and it only grows
in this one area on my farm.
Please reply by e-mail. Thank you,   Judy Mullins     cabin at comtechusa.net 

You may wish to contact Jerry and Carol Baskin, botanists at Univ. of
Kentucky, E-mail:  jmbask0 at ukcc.uky.edu.   Incidently, here in SW Ohio, I
am privileged to have a green dragon along the edge of the woods in our
back yard.

Green Dragon is not listed on the Ohio Endangered/Threatened Plant Species
List of 1996-1997.  Your Kentucky "Dept. of Natural Resources" should  also
publish an Endangered and Threatened Plant Species List.

John E. Silvius
Professor of Biology
Cedarville College
Cedarville, OH 45314
silviusj at cedarville.edu


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