Science Fair Question

Eric Sharma Arora Demian at
Sun Oct 26 23:29:16 EST 1997


    I appologize for this possibly being somewhat off-topic, but.. I am
a student doing a project for the science fair wherein my question is:
"What is the curve associated either with the time it takes for a
ecosystem to die or repop when a certain, varying portion of the
plantlife is removed from an aquatic ecosystem which is balanced between
one plant and one animal?".  This will obviously involve having multiple
balanced ecosystems and removing a different amount of the plantlife
from each, and measuring the amount of time that it takes to either
rebalance itself or to die.  Now, if I may, what I would like to ask is,
would any of you have any recommendations as to which specific plants
and animals should be used to balance this ecosystem in the first place
and for there to be relitively fast action (to take the same measurement
perhaps twice in a three month period..).  Well... thanks in advance for
any help that might be afforded -- I really do appreciate it!

Eric Arora

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