Laboratory Grades

QDurham qdurham at
Mon Oct 27 13:07:24 EST 1997

One of the things I find fascinating about this thread is how it deals  with
 the same perplexities thathave always  plagued teachers whose course has
 significant "performance" content -- Art, PE, Music, Computers, Etc.

I do have a problem with the objective/subjective dichotomy.  One might suggest
 that as long as somebody somewhere decides what questions to ask,or until some
 marvelous day when exam questions are found chisled into stone tablets on Mt.
 Sinai, all exams, in their design and/or evaluation,  are inherently
 subjective -- dictated by personal bias.

And incidentally, over many years classroom teaching I have made a continuing
 and  probably-useless survey of how many teachers have ever had a class in
 classroom grading.   Essentially none.  Amazing, considering the fact that a
 teacher can get into trouble faster re testing than with any other concern
 this side of child molestation.  Consider your own background.  Maybe ask your

My point is, gentlepersons, hang in there.  This is not a new problem.


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