lab size

Kathleen Archer Kathleen.Archer at MAIL.CC.TRINCOLL.EDU
Tue Oct 28 09:24:50 EST 1997

We have an official lab size maximum of 24 here at Trinity, but in practice
it is rarely achieved except in the intro course.  The argument here is
that if a course is required for the major, you have to offer 2 lab
sections regardless of enrollment so that students can be sure to fit it
into their schedule.  It often insures that students per lab section run 10
- 15 or less, which are nice numbers.  Since my courses are not required, I
have not been able to use this argument.  An important side issue that is
not trivial is that lab sections contribute to your teaching load, so those
who can use this argument have fewer preps and teach fewer courses per year.

Kathleen Archer

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