How to resurrect a resurrection plant

Darvin DeShazer Biologist at
Mon Oct 27 23:15:51 EST 1997

In article <01bce182$90657ea0$bc01430c at tennant>, "Kimberly Tennant"
<tennant at> wrote:

>I've just purchased 4 Resurrection Plants...
>They came in plastic bags, dry, as seems to be the norm for shipping, but I
>have no idea how to bring them to life, and there were no instructions with
>them.  I looked them up on the web, but all I could find was that with
>water, they come to life.  Does this mean I just put each of them in a bowl
>of water?  Or do I plant them in soil?
>Please, if someone can get me started, I sure would appreciate it!

Put one in a pie plate half full of water.  Not only will it open, but if
light is shinning onit, it will become greener and ready to plant.

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