Lab grades and larger issues

QDurham qdurham at
Tue Oct 28 11:38:52 EST 1997

>those education courses I missed

Now let's be serious, Wil.  You may not have attended some of "those education
 courses", but if my recollection of ed courses is vaguely correct, sure as
 hell you never missed them.

Try this on your faculty: walk into teachers' lunchroom and state flatly,
 "there isn't one decent ed class offered by any university/college in the
 entire world."  Watch your colleagues leap to their feet -- "Nonsense, Wil. 
 In 1948 I had a class by Professor..."

Neatly reinforcing my point.  After all "those education courses" we all
 suffered through, an occasional teacher may actually remenber fondly exactly



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