lab size

QDurham qdurham at
Tue Oct 28 11:50:37 EST 1997

>We have an official lab size maximum of 24 here at Trinity, but in practice
>it is rarely achieved except in the intro course.

Face it, a lot depends on the structure of the labs.  We were able to handle
 100% hands-on physics classes for 8th graders with classes no larger (and sure
 as hell no smaller ) than 28.  Students worked in teams of two -- probably a
 good idea at any level.  Lots of industrial noise. 
Of course we could always suggest to the goof-off kid that "If this program is
 a little bit mature for you, Mary, perhaps you'd be more comfortable working
 out of the textbook." Worked almost every time. 
If it works for hormonally-confused eight graders, can't see why it wouldn't
 work at any other, more rational, level.

We held to the 28 on safety grounds. 


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