Plant Ecology texts

Douglas P. Jensen djensen at HOLLINS.EDU
Tue Oct 28 11:41:33 EST 1997

Hello all, 
        I'm wondering if this question has gone around about a year ago, but
I cannot remember for sure.  So I apologise for bringing up old business...
        This coming spring, I will teach a plant ecology course with a field
botany lab.  I have taught a dendrology course using Barbour, Burk, and
Pitts (Terrestrial Plant Ecology).  The students I had then did not get much
from the book, but I believe (hope?) my students now will.  They come from
different backgrounds, and (very important) the course is not required.  My
request to y'all is for infomation on other available texts, as I really
don't know of any.

        Also, for those of you have taught a successful plant ecology course
and are feeling generous, I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a copy of your
course syllabus, objectives, or whatever else you are willing to share.


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