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Jon Monroe monroejd at
Tue Sep 2 11:26:03 EST 1997

>I recently read a plant-ed submission from Nancy Harrison (dated 28
>Nov 1996, but i received it 1 Sep 1997), re. article
><199611272123.NAA08716 at on teaching plant diversity in
>biol courses. 'some excellent stuff clipped out' was indicated. I
>would like to see this article & the excellent stuff that was
>clipped. how can i access it?
>Sandra L. Johnson, Ph.D.
>University of Kentucky
>Center for Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
>101 Morgan Building  Lexington, KY  40506
>Phone: (606) 323-3284  FAX: (606) 257-1717
>email: sjohnson at


Assuming that you have access to the web, point your browser to the
Plant-ed archives:   Select the entry: /9611
(for Nov 96).  First find Nancy's message.  I used "find" (within my
browser) to search for "harrison" and hit several messages before the one
on the 28th.  Alternatively, you can just browse the entries by subject.
With Nancy's message on the screen I can see that it was a reply to a
message by Ross Koning from the day before.  Go back to the month page then
find Ross' message with the same subject. It does indeed have the excellent
stuff the Nancy clipped!

If you don't have access to the web I can copy Ross' message and send it to


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