New Innovation For Houseplants.

Gavin Jones. gavin.jones at
Sun Sep 7 04:19:58 EST 1997

Hello to all on this newsgroup,
                      Over the last six months I have developed a system
that takes all the guesswork out of watering your houseplants.

                    The system comprises an electronic device that is built
into the actual plantpot and at the touch of a button will accurately
indicate whether or not the plant requires watering.

                     What I am seeking is a commercial partner either in
the UK or overseas that I can enter into a licensing agreement, for them to
manufacture and market my system. I would like to make it clear that I do
not wish to pay a manufacturer to make my system.

                 Can all interested parties please contact me by private
E-Mail or by the contact details below and please no time wasters.

Thank you for your time.

Gavin Jones.
gavin.jones at
Fax : (01203) 731051.
Pager : (0336) 749974.

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