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Sat Sep 27 16:35:32 EST 1997

We have several Maguey (a type of Agave) growing at our nursery location
(Zone 9). They are not the nicest plant to have around because of the
thorns which are at the tip ends of the long leaves which radiate from
the centre of the semi-hemispherically shaped plant (how's that for a
transition to geometry? <g>). To give you an idea of what the plant
looks like in terms of the plants you might see in England, think of a
very full, rounded New Zealand flax (Phormium) plant on steroids can get
over 3 metres tall, the leaf-tip thorn can be over 5 cm. long. Some have
serrated leaf edges as well. When they bloom, however, they become quite
majestic, sending out a humungous flower spike well over two stories
tall (8-10 metres) that lasts for many weeks and can be seen from quite
a distance, because of its height. The plant flowers once in its
lifetime (half a dozen to a dozen years), and then it dies.

Most unfriendly-looking plant, but definitely a neat-looking plant as
well...good to have in a desert garden, or in a corner out of the way
from incidental foot-traffic that might accidentally walk into it
(ouch). Those thorns really are scary, though.


David D.
Gondwana Gardens

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