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Hoagland had two solutions, #1 has all nitrate; #2 had some ammonium,
which kept the pH lower. Most people now use a modified Hoagland solution
because the originals used iron tartrate instead of a chelate. 

I have never seen Hoagland solution sold commercially but have seen other
research-type solutions offered by scientific supply companies at hefty
prices ($7 per liter). Many hydroponic companies offer salt mixtures that
can be used to prepare a hydroponic solution that will grow fine plants.
They are relatively inexpensive with names such as Eco-Grow and Dyna-Gro. 
Try Worm's way (1-800-274-9676), Eco Enterprises (1-800-426-6937), or
other hydroponic company. Miracle-Gro is not formulated for hydroponics so
will kill plants if used in solution culture.

Hoagland solution #1 (per liter of nutrient solution):

5 ml of 1 M potassium nitrate
5 ml of 1 M calcium nitrate
1 ml of 1 M monopotassium phosphate
2 ml of 1 M magnesium sulfate
1 ml of micronutrient stock solution (see recipe below)
1 to 5 ml of 1000 mg/liter iron from iron chelate (Fe-EDTA, Fe-DTPA,
or Fe-EDDHA)

Hoagland Solution #2:

6 ml of 1 M potassium nitrate
4 ml of 1 M calcium nitrate
1 ml of 1 M monoammonium phosphate
2 ml of 1 M magnesium sulfate
1 ml of micronutrient stock solution
1 to 5 ml of iron chelate stock solution as for #1

Micronutrient stock solution per liter:

2.86 g boric acid
1.81 g manganese chloride - 4 hydrate
0.22 g zinc sulfate - 7 hydrate
0.08 g copper sulfate - 5 hydrate
0.02 g 85% molybdic acid

When diluted 1:1000 the micronutrient stock solution provides the
following in mg/liter:

Boron 0.5 
Manganese 0.5
Zinc 0.05
Copper 0.02
Molybdenum 0.01

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> Could someone please provide me with a recipe for Hoagland's Solution?  Is
> it available commercially?  Thank you.
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