Maguey plants

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Mon Sep 29 13:46:05 EST 1997

If you have access to the World Wide Web, you and your students may enjoy
the picture of Maguey (Agave atrovirens) in the image collection provided
by the University of Wisconsin through their "Virtual Foliage" page:

Follow these links:  Plant Systematics Teaching Collection/Magnoliophyta/
Liliopsida/Liliidae/Agavaceae/Agave/A. atrovirens

There probably are other images of the Maguey on the WWW but I haven't had
time to look.  This one was found quickly.

>I am a deputy head teacher at a primary school in England and I am trying
>to find out some information about maguey plants. The children in my class
>have been learning about how the Mexica (Aztecs) used maguey thorns to
>pierce their bodies. They have learnt this from studying pages of the Codex
>Mendoza, a record of the Aztec life style. The children are keen to find
>out how big these thorns are and what the plant looks like. Can any of your
>keen botanists help me out? Your time and effort is much appreciated.
>I can be contacted at
>Jeremy at

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