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At 9:49 PM -0500 3/31/98, Lee Hadden wrote:
>Mine is a sophomore 200-level plant biology course which includes basic
>structure and function, survey, control of growth and development, and
>photosynthesis.  I want to incorporate more physiology and biotech in the f=
>and "beef" the course up.  What books and lab manuals have any of you folks
>found effective for students who have virtually no plant bio background in =
>and generally see plants as uninteresting [until they get exposed to the "g=
>stuff"].  I want more hands-on exercises and experiments, rather than so mu=
>of the "look at this slide, see this, label that" approach.  Given that the=
>needs to be some of this to expose them to basic observation and learning o=
>fundamentals, I need a textbook and lab manual [but I might write my own
>that target them at their level and take them to a suitable level of
>familiarity in one semester!  Any suggestions re books?
>Has anyone used smaller monograph-type books that target certain plant biol=
>topics, rather than an exhaustive [and exhausting!] overly-expensive text t=
>is fine for faculty or anyone already versed in botany, but not for beginni=
>students with limited or no background?
>Opinions re any of these?:
>Mauseth    Botany an introduction to plant biology 2/e
>Mauseth  Botany [large version]
>Stern: Introductory Plant Biology, 7/e
>Rost, Barbour, Stocking, Murphy;Plant Biology


Our bookstore seems to have all botany books within
about $5 of each other.  It makes no difference
whether it is small or large, comprehensive or specialized,
paperback or hard cover.  So I looked for a book that
I could use for two semesters (Botany, Plant Physiology)
to cut the apparent cost in half for the students.
My choice among all of these $75 books was Moore et al
(WCB/McGraw Hill).  It seems to have more physiology
than the other books and I like its better focus on
inquiry.  One of the other books might be better for
a different combination of botanical courses, of course.
Normally I don't like to plug products, but since Moore's
book wasn't on your list to look at, I thought I'd mention
it.  Mauseth was my second-choice for my local application
=46WIW.  I'm really hoping to see a new edition of "Life of
the Green Plant"...that was a great book for students of
the type I have's just too old to be viable IMHO.


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