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Jon Monroe monroejd at
Thu Apr 2 09:05:06 EST 1998

Hi Plant-eders;

I'll be teaching a senior-level molecular biology course in the fall (first
time in 4 years) and I am beginning to look for a text.  In the past I've
used cell/molecular or biochemistry books but using just part of the
material from a well integrated text can be difficult.  Some molecular
biology texts stress prokaryotic biology and, while these organisms are
certainly worth learning about in a molecular biology course, being a plant
biologist I would rather have the focus be on eukaryotes.  Also, I am not
yet aware of any books that place an emphasis on whole genomes and
bioinformatics which I think will be a much more important aspect of such a
course in the near future.  Do any of you have suggestions for a concise
molecular text that emphasizes eukaryotes and bioinformatics?

Thanks!  I'll summarize the feedback here.


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