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Margaret A. Kuchenreuther kuchenma at CAA.MRS.UMN.EDU
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Woodland's "Contemporary Plant Systematics" (Andrews University Press -- 
aupress at, (616)-471-6134) is a good text, very recently updated, that
has chapters on how to collect plants, the value of herbaria, the history of 
taxonomy and systematics, chemotaxonomy, cladistics, etc. as well as discussion 
of plant families.  I would choose it instead of Radford.  The cd-rom was put 
together by the Ken Systma et al. in the Botany Dept. at UW-Madison.

An excellent illustrated text that would be useful for a flora course that 
doesn't need treatment of the topics listed above is Wendy Zomlefer's "Flowering
Plant Families," Chapel Hill Press -- this is far superior to Smith's Vascular 
Plant Families.  Absolutely beautiful botanical drawings!


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