Plant Growth and Music

CurryCo Publication curryco at
Wed Apr 15 20:52:58 EST 1998


I read your message asking for information for your project, and a little
later I was reading TV Guide and saw this program:  "Yo-Yo Ma:  Inspired by

Under what the program is about, "TV Guide" says:  Yo-Yo Ma and landscape
artist Julie Moir Messervy work together on "The Music Garden" in Toronto. 
Their idea is to create a garden in the midst of concrete desolation
inspired by Bach's First Suite.  

This program is coming on tonight in Sacramento, California, at 9:00 p.m.
on channel 6, which is our public education channel.  Ask your parents to
call the public education channel in your area, because they may also be
showing the same program but at a different time. 

Good luck with your project!


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