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Wilson Crone cronewil at HVCC.EDU
Sun Apr 19 12:16:48 EST 1998

I've used both for a lower level course at the community college where I
teach.  I teach it in a late-start, half-semester format.  Given that
constraint, and given the widely varying background of the students, I found
that the Leventin and McMahon (Plants and Society) was the better bet.  Less
coverage than the gold standard of  Simpson and Orgorzaly (Economic Botany:
Plants in Our World), but enough to reinforce and extend from my
lectures/demonstations (my course time is pretty informal!).   Bill Crone

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Robin Bingham wrote:

> Could anyone recommend a text for a lower level (100) economic botany
> class? I've looked over Simpson and Orgorzaly and at Levetin and McMahon,
> but have no experience with either.
> Thanks!
> Robin
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