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Thu Apr 30 13:05:08 EST 1998

Jon Greenberg asked-

>For a high school biology text, can anyone please tell me...
>2) Which plant gemome(s) are sequenced and available on-line.My
>recollection was that either a Marchantia species (which one?) or
>Arabidopsis thaliana had been completely sequenced.


No plant nuclear genome has been completely sequenced yet although numerous
chloroplast genomes (which are MUCH smaller) are done including that of

The arabidopsis genome initiative (AGI) is well underway and as of the
latest update, 27 megabases of the anticipated ~100 megabases of
arabidopsis nuclear genome are sequenced.  Of that, almost 20 mb are fully
annotated.  To see a graphic on the status of the project link to:

Also check out these sites (certainly not a complete list!):

A collection of websites on bioinformatics

USDA's Databases at the National Agricultural Library

The Institute for Genomic Resources (TIGR) database

Hope this helps.

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