snowdrop in snow?

Verena Tillessen tive0011 at
Mon Aug 3 07:02:32 EST 1998


is there anyone, who has a photo (or slide) of a snowdrop in snow?

We are a small team of three people, working for about four years at the
development of a Multimedia-Information-System for teachers called
„Biology in Elementary Science".
We missed to take this picture ourselves and we intend to bring the
program to a close before winter. 
We were supportet financially by the college of education in Karlsruhe,
Germany, but we are not any more. This is, why we are not able to pay
any license. 
But you could get at least a CD, when its the programm is published. We
would be very glad about this picture! 
Yours truly,

Verena Tillessen

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