Pencil Tree

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Wed Aug 5 06:34:45 EST 1998

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998 16:19:29 -0500, "Martin" <martin at>

>I recently recieved a clipping of what I only know as a Pencil Tree.  It is
>a very cool tree, and I am currently trying to root it.  I have looked
>everywhere and can find no one who has heard of it.  If you know anything
>about this plant, or how I could find out about it, please contact  me.
>                                    Martin, St. Louis MO
Very likely it is a species of _Euphorbia_, related to the poinsettia.
If taking cuttings, take care not to get any of the milky sap on you:
some people are sensitive to it (I have gotten headaches when
contacting it). The Missouri Botanical Garden in downtown St. Louis is
very likely to have some specimens growing somewhere, most likely in
their desert collection. At one time there were efforts being made to
use this plant as a source of fuel oil.

Hope this helps.

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