Tree-like Salvias

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I would suggest contacting Betsy Clebsch... the "sage of Salvias."  The
easiest thing to do would either be contact Timber Press (www.timber-, who published her book on Salvia, or try to find her address /
number (she lives near you in Palo Alto / Woodside).  I have been to her home
(quite awhile ago), and she is an intelligent and welcoming woman... sorry I
don't have any of her info for you...  I believe she is listed, though.

Good luck,

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<< I am trying to find in our limited horticultural refs (Bailey, Hortus 
 III) and at local nurseries, and on the Web, the name of a tree-like
 Salvia species which is a shrub that can be trained to a tree-like
 form about 8 ft high. No tall Salvias in the literature fit this
 form, which grows in 2 places in our city. The leaves are very
 distinctive, looking like a palmately-lobed leaf with narrow linear
 lobes. (It's probably pinnate, though - hard to diagnose!)
   Flowers are dark purple, plant is very aromatic. Any ideas? -NH

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