mushroom fungus

Graham Harden G.Harden at
Mon Aug 31 17:47:59 EST 1998

Well there are a few things that could be done.  Most of these require you
taking a sample to a pathologist who will ID the fungus.  On that basis they
might then prescribe a specific systemic fungicide for the plant, a drench
for the soil, or shake their head and say "buy a new plant in pasteurised
potting mix"

As a home gardener you could try generic homespun remedies without hassle.
(although no guarantee of their efficacy is possible)

1)  Leave it alone if it is not actually damaging the plant

2)  A soil drench of either weak disinfectant (eg dettol) or better still
Potassium Permanganate (Condy's Crystals, KMnO4).   In the latter case put a
few litres of water in a bucket and add crystals until the water turns just
a little pink.  This will only take a few tiny crystals per bucket and too
much will burn the plant's roots.  Drench the soil around the plant to the
drip line (ie. shadow of the foliage) twice, three days apart.

3)  Try to use clean potting mix, don't over water plants, remove dead
leaves from the surface of the soil.

Cheers and good luck

jsilverstein wrote in message ...
>I recently re-potted a plant of mine and I noticed the soil was very
>(white coloring).  I have also seen mushrooms in the plant before and after
>re-potting.  (I believe the plant is called a Vaginus Majoris  or something
>like that)
>Any suggestions on how I can kill the fungus without hurting the plant?
>please e-mail and/or post a reply.
>thanks in advance

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