Carnivorous Seeds.

Linda Walthert LWalthert at
Wed Dec 2 09:03:28 EST 1998

you might get some seeds at the following address: r.fuerst at
He has published a booklet about the cultivation of carnivorous plants
greetings, Linda Walthert

wow wow wow wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in buying seeds of carnivorous plants.
> Drosophyrum,Genlisia,Helianphora,Nepenthes,Pinguicula,Aldrovanda, Brochnnea,
> Catopsis, Ibicella and Triphyophyllum are the plants that seeds I am looking
> for. If you have those plants and their seeds for sale or know someone who
> can sell them please contact me kowal at
> Thank you in advance
> kowal

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