Fw: About Botany Request in Costa Rica

Carol M. Stiff kck at TURBONET.COM
Wed Dec 9 13:26:58 EST 1998

I forwarded the request about projects in Costa Rica to one of my other lists and got this message
below.  I hope it is helpful............carol stiff

From: Marco A. Córdoba <agrobiot at sol.racsa.co.cr>
To: kck at turbonet.com; plant-tc at tc.umn.edu
Subject: About Botany Request in Costa Rica
Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 10:09 AM

Cartago, Costa Rica,  9 de diciembre de 1998.

Dear Dra. Stiff,

If I can help you?,  I dont know the project in Bagaces, Guanacaste province, could be possible
contact to:
Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería in Guanacaste province.
Instituto del  Café de Costa Rica ( Costarican National Coffee Institute)
InBio (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad) 
MINAE (Ministery of Natural Resources and Energy)

Our when you be here call us at phone: (506) 573-8170


Eng. Marco A. Córdoba Cubillo
AgroBiot S.A.
Costa Rica

P.D.:  the trials with your PPM in bananas was be succesfully !

At 10:02 PM 12/8/98 -0800, Carol M. Stiff wrote:
>I received this from one of my other lists and thought someone on this list might know of a
>in Costa Rica.  See below.....carol
>| From: "Lamberts, William" <WLamberts at csbsju.edu>
>| To: plant-ed at net.bio.net
>| Subject: FW: botany info. request
>| Date: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 3:05 PM
>| > From:       Steil, Jeremy C
>| > Sent:       Tuesday, December 8, 1998 3:20 PM
>| > To:         Lamberts, William
>| > Subject:    botany info. request
>| >
>| > To Whom It May Concern:
>| >     My name is Jeremy Steil, a biology major emphasizing botany at St.
>| > John's University, Collegeville, MN. I am going to be studying abroad
>| > March-April 1999 in Bagaces, Costa Rica. I was wondering if anyone knew of any
>| > research projects ongoing in this area relating to the control of exotic or
>| > domestic weeds on various agricultural sites. This could include herbicide use
>| > or insect herbivory as a control method. I am looking for an internship for
>| > these two months and would appreciate if anyone could inform me of any
>| > projects near Bagaces, C.R. concerning the said area.
>| >     If no one knows of a project relating to exotic weed control, perhaps
>| > someone knows of a project involving shade tree planting on coffee
>| > plantations. I heard a company in the area of Bagaces called Coope de Dos may
>| > be using such practices.
>| >
>| >
>| >

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