Growing degree days

Luiz Lichtenstein Lichtenstein at CONEX.COM.BR
Wed Dec 9 08:23:45 EST 1998

Dear Plant-ed friends:

I would like to ask your help to understand a table published in the book
Arboriculture by Richard W. Harris (2nd ed.). The table is on average
changes in mesoclimate elements caused by urbanization, and states that the
annual mean temperature and the winter minima (average) is higher in urban
climates as compared with rural environments. It also indicates that urban
climates have 10% lower heating degree days than rural environments.

My questions are: is a heating degree day the samething as a growing degree
day? If so, how can urban climates, which are on average warmer, have lower
growing degree days?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Luiz Lichtenstein

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