Hi, I'm gathering information for a science project...

Gaylord Mink gmink at bentonrea.com
Tue Dec 15 23:40:28 EST 1998

Try an internet search for COMPETITION among plants

The one they call \"ChocoboKick\" wrote:

> I'm in Sophomore Biology (High School), and I'm gathering research and
> information, as well as doing an experiment.  It's on overcrowding and Crop
> Thinning.  The experiment idea's pretty good: In 2 equal-sized areas, I grow
> radish populations, thinning one when it gets overcrowded and not the other,
> and graph the population sizes.  However, the other half of this project is
> information.  I need to gather all the information I can.  So, if anyone can
> help?  Or maybe just give me some helpful links?  Thanks!

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