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Tue Dec 22 19:35:20 EST 1998

Kippewa Gardens (TM) is pleased to announce the availability of the
The Gatherer (c), a powerful search engine to use for any and all
research on traditional, indigenous, ethnobotanical uses of plants for
food, medicine, fibers, dyes, oils, soaps, etc..

The search engine allows entry of common or Latin botanical names and
selection of searching any combination of the following data sources:

* Dr. James Duke's worldwide EthnobotanyDB database of 80,000 records
covering plant uses
* Current edition of the MPNADB, the Native American Ethnobotany
Database (Dr. Dan Moerman) with over 44,000 records covering plant
* Plants for a Future Species Database (U.K.) with 7,000 records,
covering plant uses, growing environments and cultivation details
* Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) Taxonomy Database
covering 450,000 germplasm accessions, and rare plants
* Dr. James Duke's PhytochemDB covering phytochemical and taxonomic
* MEDLINE from the National Library of Medicine via PubMed
* A Modern Herbal (1931), by Mrs. M. Grieve
* Henriette's Herbal Home Page, which houses medicinal herb and
culinary FAQs and mailing list archives
* The Texas A&M Bioinformatics working Group Vascular Plant Image
* Dogpile usenet search covering, Dejanews, AltaVista
and Dejanews' old Database.
* Dogpile web search covering Yahoo!, Thunderstone, Lycos' A2Z,, Mining Co., Excite Guide, PlanetSearch, What U Seek,
Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite & AltaVista.  

Search results are presented in a single consolidated report with
links for further research.

Kippewa Gardens (TM) is dedicated to the preservation and unrestricted
dissemination of indigenous knowledge about the use of plants and the
preservation of the plants themselves. Of course, we are also in
business to sell our own products.

You may visit The Gatherer (c) at .

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