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Justin Kirby jkirby at
Thu Dec 24 02:55:21 EST 1998

My parents opperate a fairly moderate sized retail facility.  They are
purchasing the majority of their products from  Burton Flower & Garden
phone:    440-834-1883
fax:        440-834-1885

There are actually tons of wholesale companies out there just do a little
surfing.  I hope you understand what you are getting into.  The
horticultural industry on the retail side is ruthless (so is every business)
esp up here in NY. ;)

Good luck and remember to have fun doing it,

Edyta Bredemeyer wrote:

> hello all,
>  sorry to be intrusive, but we need a little help.  my wife and i are
> attempting to start a small plant business and are interested in finding
> some dealer for wholesale pots and hanging baskets.  we live in florida,
> and havent had much success in finding any as of yet. any advice along
> these lines would be very helpful, thank you.
> ~;)edyta&steven
> mailto:mnflower at

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