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Marose - William J. wjmarose at UMD5.UMD.EDU
Wed Dec 30 08:45:59 EST 1998

You can use sunflowers, or any type of bean.  These plants grow fast
enought to be able to show tropisms with in a month.  I regularly use them
in my botany classes.  This time of year sunflower seeds can be bought5 as
bird feed.  Be sure to pick over the seeds carefully before planting them.
Do not use cracked shells or ones with small holes in them.  These will
not grow.  Dry bean seeds from the grocery store also have a reasonable
germination percentage.  Be sure to plant more seeds that you want plants
for since both of these seed sources are produced for not germinating
reasons and may have not as high a germination percentage.

Bill Marose
Severn, MD

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, L. Francisco Abarca wrote:

> I'm doing a science project for biology and my teacher says that it has to
> be about plant tropism.  What are some plants that grow quickly?  I only
> have on month to grow some plants.  Does anyone have any ideas about what I
> can do for a tropism project?  I was thinking of doing something with
> thigmotropism because everyone else is using phototropism and geotropism but
> any ideas are fine.
> Thanks

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