Need Help Finding education in plant genetics

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Thu Jan 1 14:25:03 EST 1998

>Hello my name is Thomas L. Slewinski.  I have been interested and working with
>plants since i was about five.

Hi Tom.  Good for you!  Lots of folks reading this newsgroup feel the same
way you do about plants.

>I am 17 now and cannot find any place for
>education  in genetic reasearch/engenering, Biochemistry with plants, tissue

Here are some websites to start with:

The American Society of Plant Physiologists page of links to plant
education sites:

Scott Russell's Big Botanical Site:

The Arabidopsis thaliana Database (AtDB) - mostly intended for researchers
using a plant called arabidopsis.  This plant's entire genome is currently
being sequenced so if you are at all interested in plant genetics this is
the plant to study!

This last site is a list of URLs collected in a paper called "Plant Biology in
the Post-Gutenberg Era: Everything you Wanted to Know and More on the World
Wide Web." which was published in the journal "Plant Physiology".

Good luck!


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