Staghorn Fern and its Propagation

Sashaw sashaw at
Fri Jan 2 19:57:02 EST 1998

I inherited an enormous staghorn fern from work last August. It's in sphagnum
moss in a hanging basket (1ft. diameter) and its "antler" shoots are up to two
and a half feet long. Anyway, it's completely thriving (which is surprising due
to my experience). I soak it weekly and it just keeps reproducing on itself to
the point in which there are 35 shoots. Now my question 1) please correct any
vocabulary that I may have misused, and 2) how can I propagate it in separate
moss, for a separate hanging basket? It seems that now and/or the spring time
is a good time to try. Am I wrong? Please respond by e-mail (sashaw at as
my newsgroup service is inconsistent.


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