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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Thu Jan 15 11:53:54 EST 1998

Your student might want to look into some of the "applied" areas of plant
biology.  Look for jobs with seed growers, landscape nurseries, lawn care,
golf course maintenance, recycling organizations which are in nearly every
city of any size, interpretive jobs or maintenance jobs in the state or
national parks, hazardous materials clean-up companies, local greenhouses,
botanical gardens, etc.  I would advise her to consider volunteer positions
at any of these places even if she can't land a paying position.  She could
look at it as free education instead of slave labor!  She should look at
the career information at the web site of the Botanical Society of America
(  Many other societies have career information at
their web sites.  I'm sure you're aware of all these possibilities and I
haven't really contributed very much.
David Kramer, Chair
Education Committee
Botanical Society of America

>plant edders.
>an undergraduate who has worked with me is graduating & job hunting.
>she is a very capable ecologist who is heading for grad school but
>would like to work a couple of years in a plant related field, but
>trying out something other than research. any suggestions on
>internships or sources that she might search?
>thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.
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