"Private Life of Plants" information

David Brown dbrown at OA.PTLOMA.EDU
Wed Jan 21 17:31:20 EST 1998

        I have obtained the following video set: 

        "The Private Life of Plants"
David Attenborough hosts this documentary that reveals the many 
astounding ways plants deal with the challenges of  survival 
and reproduction in the wild.  LENGTH: 4 hours 48 minutes 
on 6 videocassettes ITEM CODE: A1669-WWV7

        My media center tells me there is no guide/book 
available from the video distributors. If you know of 
an ISBN number for a guide I would like you to email
me the number and source you used to get it.

          If you have used the videos: "The Private Life of Plants"
would you mind answering a few questions about them?
                1. Do you show all tapes?
                2. Are showings in class, lab, or outside of class or lab?
                3. Are showings assigned or extra credit?
                4. Are reports or outlines required or provided?
                5. Do you connect certain video parts with certain chapters?
                6. Would you rate the parts: essential?, good?, bad?, to avoid?

        I know these are detailed questions but any help you would
provide would save me (others) time and would be sincerely appreciated.
I have just obtained the video set and want to use them right away
when they have been cataloged and released by our media center. This is
cross-posted with biolab and planted.

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