The effects of music on bean growth.

Amante24 at AOL.COM Amante24 at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 29 18:24:12 EST 1998

      Hello, I am a 9th grader at a school in Ct. For my semester project I am
testing if different types of music have a effect on the growth of bean
plants. I am using classical music, rap music and no music (control). As of
right now the plant with the classical music beside it, is the tallest and the
thickest. I hypothesized that the plant with the rap music beside it would
grow the quickest because the background beat may have it sprout earlier and
produce into a plant. All three plants get the same amount of water daily and
they are divided into three rooms so that the music doesn't conflict with each
other. I am writing you a letter because I am having trouble finding
background information to use in my written portion of this project. I have
checked several books, encyclopedia's and websites. Can you please help me? I
need to know if any of your scientist has completed this project and if so,
what the outcome was. I am having a great deal of trouble and I would
appreciate it if you would help me.

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