Great Barrier Reef. Free-use wildlife video and pics

Gulliver Media Australia info at
Fri Jan 30 00:12:44 EST 1998

Please visit

to see "The Movie of the Week" , :- Reeft Ecosystems (a 6 minute
extract).  Uses Real Video, available as a free download.

This site features also features free-use gifs and jpegs,  of
Australia's unique wildlife and landscapes.
Pics include:  mulga, eucalyptus, wild flowers, water-weed, rainforest
epiphytes (stag-horns, bird-nest ferns) strangler figs.
ANIMALS: kangaroos (gray and red), barramundi, feral goats,
fig-eaters, koalas, shark.
The site also offers a lot of information about Australia's
ecosystems.  The 'clips' and gifs are available for free use -
students and researches only please.

It's all at:

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