Use of gas exchange instruments in teaching

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At 9:03 AM -0400 7/14/98, Carl Pike wrote:
>I apologize for cross-postings you may receive.
>Last year I collected names of people who were using photosynthetic gas
>exchange systems (IRGA-based) such as the Li-cor LI6400 in teaching.  I
>only found a couple of folks, so this has not been a very active group!!
>I now realize that there are lots of people out there who are using the
>Qubit O2 electrodes (or similar systems) in teaching.  So I'd like to
>reformulate the group to include such folks too.  I met several people at
>the ASPP meetings who have recently acquired the Qubit systems, and
>exchanged a number of ideas.  I also chatted with Steve Hunt from Qubit,
>and picked up some good ideas.
>If you'd like to be part of this group, send me your name.  I'll try to
>maintain the mailing list.  Better yet, if you have some suggestions,
>questions, lab exercises, etc., to share, send them along and I'll forward
>them to the list.
>To get things started - based on my own experience and talking to Steve
>Hunt, I think using Phaseolus (kidney bean) in the Qubit system might not
>be desirable (this is mostly anecdotal).  Erratic and sometimes very low
>rates are observed.  At the meetings Steve was using soybean, which he has
>found to be very reliable and robust.

Hi Carl!

I am interested in this group.  In my last cycle through
Plant Phys we used the Qubit system and it was excellent.
I sent the students out of the building to bring landscape
leaves.  They all came back with red maple (Acer rubrum) or
norway maple leaves and they both were stable through a
complete set of runs to generate a PFD response curve....
in spite of being detached!  So it was easy and quite reliable
for four groups...a parallel project with chlamydomonas and
a YSI oxygen electrode was quite troublesome by comparison.


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