Amorphophallus titanum

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Tue Jul 14 20:39:37 EST 1998

>You may have read in the newspaper that the Amorphophallus titanum at the
>Atlanta Botanical Garden recently flowered - in all its visual and
>olfactory splendor.  I heard that the garden has a web site with pictures,
>etc. - does anyone have the URL?
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The Atlanta Botanical Garden's web site is at
but I don't see a photo of A. titanum there.

Using a search engine like AltaVista (,
search for Amorphophallus titanum and you will get at least 5-6 web sites.
One of them is
which purports to have all the photos of A.titanum that reside on the www.


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