Warwick Silvester w.silvester at WAIKATO.AC.NZ
Thu Jul 16 16:49:08 EST 1998

  Several days ago someone reported a high level of success using Qubit to
>measure photosynthesis in freshman labs.  Could someone give me the name
>of the company that supplies it, and a telephone number or email address?
>Thanks much!
> Janice M. Glime, Professor
> Department of Biological Sciences
> Michigan Technological University
> Houghton, MI 49931-1295
> jmglime at mtu.edu
> 906-487-2546
> FAX 906-487-3167

>We have had great success with Qubit apparatus both for measuring
>photosynthesis and respiration  using their  pO2 cuvette, They also
>produce a nitrogenase system which measures  H2 evolution.  Their email is
>qubit at biology.queensu.ca   but also look  up their excellent web page

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