cDNA library needed for a course

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Wed Jul 22 10:08:21 EST 1998


I'm teaching Molecular Biology in the fall and we've been using an
Arabidopsis cDNA library for a semester-long project in which students
isolate plasmid DNA from random colonies, construct maps, sequence the
ends, then attempt to identify them using BLAST.
[]  The project
works well but, because the Arabidopsis genome is being sequenced, the odds
of finding something novel are getting worse and worse.  What we would like
is a new cDNA library preferable from an odd organism (not well studied at
the molecular level and not necessarily a plant).  We would also prefer
that it be in ZipLox vector because plasmids are very easy to rescue.  If
you or a colleague have such a library and would be willing to share,
please contact me (monroejd at



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