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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Mon Mar 2 11:01:42 EST 1998

David Brown wrote:
>        Do any of you have suggestions for a plant science lab
>in one afternoon lab at the campus computer center?  [rest deleted]

I would have them use the World Wide Web rather than journal articles.  Go
to the Botanical Society of America's web site at
and then select "Botanical Links".  I recommend you use "CSUBIOWEB" and
"Scott's Botanical Link of the Day".  By visiting these sites (and links
from them) ahead of time, you can design a "scavenger hunt." Give them a
sheet with several pieces of botanical information they need to find and
clues (or even complete URL addresses) for the sites where that info can be
found.  I've done this with great success... the students like using the
WWW and need to have that skill for term paper research and other parts of
the course.  They not only learn how to use the WWW but they also pick up
lots of botanical information.


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