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At 11:32 AM -0500 2/27/98, Lamberts, William wrote:
>Does anyone know of lab protocols that will allow a demonstration of "sexua=
>response" in Oedogonium in a reliable way?  It would be great to demonstrat=
>pheromone activity in these algae, but how does one provoke the release of
>sperm, or formation of gametes, for that matter?


I'm hoping responses will be posted to the group.

I've purchased the "kits" from Carolina for many
years.  One year it was SPECTACULAR...every other year
before and since has been TOTAL FAILURE.  With that
poor track record, I have nothing to offer.  I have
wondered if Carolina truly has opposite mating types
in their kits, or if there is some other factor I
(they) have missed.  I'm anxious to read other people's
suggestions.  This year I really debated whether to
even order the Oedogonium kit at all...I keep remembering
that one time it worked and usually break down and
spend the money HOPING for another "miracle."  But like
lottery tickets and casino visits, it seems like a
losing proposition.

I HAVE learned to modify the kit in the following
way. Rather than putting the petri dish half on the
alka-selzer tablet--resulting in a rocky ride and
possible contamination, particularly if the half-
dish is a cover rather than a bottom--I have made
my own addition.  Using a petri dish bottom, I
have melted out part of its rim to provide gas-escape
pathways, and turned it upside down over the
tablet.  I then put the petri dish half that comes
with the kit on this little "stand".  I do that with
their Cosmarium kit too.  BTW: the Carolina Cosmarium
kit has worked EVERY year without fail. :-)


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