Biological Control in Greenhouses

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At 10:04 AM -0500 3/4/98, Bill Williams wrote:
>I'd like to get in touch with people who have personal experience with =3D
>biological control in teaching/research greenhouses.  We have been =3D
>experiencing serious spider-mite problems that threaten several students' =
>research projects, and after many applications of "bombs," which require =
>evacuation of the greenhouse for 24 h and very likely have at least some =
>effects on plant growth, we still appear to have a mite problem.  I know =
>that many greenhouses use biological control (mostly ladybugs), but I =3D
>don't know how effective people have found this to be and what the best =3D
>control agents are for spider mites.  There appear to be some helpful web =
>sites and I'm sure there's literature, but I'd much prefer to talk with =3D
>people who have actually tried biological control of spider mites.
>Bill Williams
>St. Mary's College of Maryland


Please try Mike at the Green Spot 603-942-8925
or at grnspt at  He is exceedingly
helpful and very conscientious with followup.
With your first order you get an entire manual
on beneficials for greenhouses covering all kinds
of pests I've had in my greenhouses and more.
The beneficials from the Green Spot arrive alive
in my experience (unlike those from three other
suppliers I have tried) because, I think, of the
attention to detail in timeliness of shipping and
care in temperature control in packaging.  I did
have a problem with two-spotted mites this year
and a timely shipment of beneficials seems to have
taken care of the problem.  I did lose a couple of
plants, but that was my fault in waiting too long
to get the beneficials here.  We had a student working
on the use of a surfactant to kill them and the
project failed to bring them under control before
these few plants went "critical."  But my greenhouses
seem to be clear now of the pest, so I am really happy
about it.

I would like to put in a plug for Cryptolaemus in
control of citrus mealy bug.  I have had periodic
infestations of mealies for a long time and the
Crypts really wipe them out.  They are really better
than any spray I have ever used.  I have used
Coleus to keep the beetles going, but my population
took a nose-dive over winter...they are making a
comeback now just in time to control the next wave
of mealies.


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