time-lapse video recorder

Jason K. Potter potterj at tcimet.net
Wed Mar 4 20:37:20 EST 1998

One additional piece of information about Snappy.
This is their URL  http://www.play.com/pages/snappy/a_deluxe.html
I plan to upgrade mine soon.
Jason Potter

Lee Hadden wrote:

> Does anyone know a source for new or used [but in good condition]
> time-lapse video recorders?  I need one for new Plant Biology lab projects
> and research I want to implement but have found only a fawned they were
> priced beyond our budget.  I need the type that could record plant growth
> responses such as seed germination, tropisms, pollen tube growth, etc.  I
> would buy one with my own money, if it were affordable, just to have one
> and bring a new and dynamic experience to the students.
> Along this line, is there a clearing-house for used or no longer needed lab
> and teaching equipment?  Maybe an on-line "swap list" , registry for
> large-university or research company willing- to-donate-to-smaller
> [private] colleges"  [great tax write-off CEO's!]?  I have heard from
> friends in industry and private business sector of  instruments they
> upgraded, but either junked to make space, or store forever [and never to
> use again].  They've commented, "Gee, I wish we had known you needed one-we
> just bought five and scrapped three old ones!"
> How about a trading web site to post material to sell, donate, swap, along
> with a "need to obtain" list?  Someone out there ought to be clever enough
> to get one going!
> Thanks.
> Lee Hadden
> Department of Biology
> Wingate University
> Wingate, NC  28174
> hadden at wingate.edu

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