(5) Science vs. Theology

Sunweb dragnfly at rea-alp.com
Fri Mar 6 06:46:47 EST 1998

Dr. Efram E. Goldstein wrote:

> Religion is not compatible with science at all-
> religion is the antithesis of science.
> All true scientists are atheists.
> All truly intelligent people are atheists.
> Religion is something found only
> in ignorant children. The logical process
> of reason must exclude mythological
> beliefs.
> Dr. Efram E. Goldstein

How can one not be awed by the subtlety of this position.  A truly
penetrating intellect of unmeasurable proportions.  A leader obviously
overlooked in a scientific community that deals in possibilities rather
than such rock hard certainty.  What a grand stroke for this discussion
group to experience a mind that goes right to crotch of the exhibition. 
A stiff member undaunted by winds of any form of inspiration.  With such
a dominant mind more humble members will be whipped into a position of
right thinking and all will be well. Ef, thank god you are among us. 
Fortunately, the laughing Buddha allows for one of you on each
discussion group.

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