(5) Science vs. Theology

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Dr. Efram E. Goldstein <eframeg at worldsciuni.com> wrote in article
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> nord at mail.atw.earthreach.com wrote [..]..
> > My conviction is that Science, though it has evidently
> > conquered Dogmatic Theology based on biblical texts and
> > ancient modes of thought, will go hand in hand with Religion[..]
> > Posted by Robert E. Nordlander
> > nord at mail.atw.earthreach.com
> > March 5, 1998
> Religion is not compatible with science at all-
> religion is the antithesis of science.

My eye......A case can be made for it though you apparently would be too
closed minded to note it.....
> All true scientists are atheists.

Horse braying with snot blowing out my nose at this laughable piece of
stupidity displayed as supposed erudite intelligence.......

> All truly intelligent people are atheists.

You uh, did happen to take a logic 101 in your pre-doctorate days didn't
you? Pray tell why ignore what you were supposed to learn in it?

> Religion is something found only
> in ignorant children.


 >The logical process
> of reason must exclude mythological
> beliefs.

Oh sure, sure......
> Dr. Efram E. Goldstein

My what a perfect troll you are.....

Kerry A. "Expecting to get clobbered with this response, but the dunderhead
deserved it since it is so obviously wrong headed" Shirts

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