(5) Science vs. Theology

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Fri Mar 6 15:05:14 EST 1998


> > Dr. Efram E. Goldstein wrote:
> > > Religion is not compatible with science at all-
> > > religion is the antithesis of science.
> > >

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> Goldstein

	While the above thread has been quite interesting and has 
sprouted (no pun intended) a plethora of dialogue, I feel that I should 
pount out that the source is more than likely BOGUS.

	'Dr. Goldstein' is more than likely a fictitious name that is 
being linked to a domain (worldsciuni.com) that is unknown.  The original 
sender is like many others who wander onto newsgroups and listserves and 
get the goat of the local audience.  This one actually has followed 
through and come back.

	Ignore the twit and all should disapppear (even though the 
discussion is great and should continue if others are interested!).

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