(5) Science vs. Theology

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Dr. Efram E. Goldstein <eframeg at worldsciuni.com> wrote in article
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> Per-Anders Freyhult <per.anders.freyhult at r.lrf.se> wrote..

> My opinion of religion is quite low. I do not
> regard anyone who is so weak-minded to
> actually believe in such nonsense as intelligent.

So do you have to act like a nitwit and give the rest of good quality
science and scientists a bad name using such ill-founded and totally
useless logic?

> Would you regard an adult who actually believes
> in Santa Claus to be intelligent?

I damn sure do not regard some self-acclaimed know-it-all as intelligent if
he spouts the nonsense and arrogant dip-shittery around as if the rest of
the world also believed in it, as you have done, that is for sure......

 >My opinion
> may be taken as an insult by religious people,

ESPECIALLY since there are far more intelligent and realistic SCIENTISTS
who are ALSO religious, you have a doggone excellent point!

> but my intent is merely to guide the fools back to
> the path of reason and science and away from
> the land of fairytales.

Well quit spouting fairytails about scientists and religious folks yourself
and you might gain some credibiltiy with some of the rest of the world.....
> Goldstein

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