Plant Tissue Culture Web Page

Kalin marty at MK.IBEK.COM
Sat Mar 7 20:58:34 EST 1998

I am writing to inform the list that I have created and published a
webpage which compiles and links to plant cell and plant tissue culture
web sites.

I welcome you all to take a look at "Marty Kalin's Favorite Plant Cell
and Plant Tissue Culture Links".  The url address is 


The web page links to books, reports, protocols, organizations,
suppliers, company's, tutorials, etc. all related to tissue culture.

In my opinion, the best of all the sites which I have linked to is
Carol's  Home Tissue Culture Information Page. Carol is a leader in the
"home" tissue culture field.

Feel free to recommend links which I may have missed. 

Marty Kalin

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